Retrospectively 2018 was a year with great opportunities for spiritual growth, many woke up and began their search towards self-knowledge and inner wisdom. To enhance the energies of 2019 we recommend:

• Order and clean your physical and mental space. Boot or give away what you do not use. Change things from place to circulate energy differently. Bless what you stay with. Clean the rooms with incense.

• Forgives. Start by forgiving yourself, since you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Check your life and accept from love. By accepting your responsibility, you open yourself to the power to change your life. Forgiveness and acceptance free you.

•Thanks. For our internal balance it is important to lovingly return the energy we receive from those who have helped us in the past eight years. Bring them to our minds, remember them and send them a message of gratitude from the light, they will do the work.

• Decide to change. You can redesign your life. Complaints prevent you from moving forward and reduce your energy, accept each circumstance and analyze what benefit you can obtain from it. Everything is growth and evolution. If something does not work for you, it does not contribute anything to your life, it decides to move away. Learn to see things from different angles to forge an objective and realistic vision that allows you to act wisely.

• Ends. Finish with those earrings that keep you stressed. Do not leave anything open. It attracts the flow of energy to you in all aspects.

• Connect with nature. Take a time to see the sky, breathe and thank what you received this year, what you learned what you achieved. Each experience you had was part of your evolution as a person.

• Meditate. The conscious connection with your inner wisdom will open your being to new dimensions of development and evolution.

• Regenérate. Allow your body, your cells, your tissues to nurture all this positive energy that you are giving them. Live the present moment and enjoy.


Light, Love and Peace for you.




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