Historically Christmas is known as the memorable day when Jesus was born, the Savior of humanity. It also symbolizes a deeply significant truth in spirituality. Jesus Christ lived and symbolized the Divine Consciousness. He is the very personification of the Divine.He was born at a time when ignorance, superstition, greed, hatred and hypocrisy prevailed on earth. The rulers were arrogant and unjust. The people were greedy, indolent and careless. Purity was forgotten. Morality was neglected just like idealism.

In the midst of these conditions, Christ was born and achieved a transformation in the lives of people. He gave a spiritual turn to the life of man. There was a change in the earth. People started a new way of life. Thus, a new era dawned for the world.Those conditions of darkness, impurity and materialism that prevailed before the coming of Christ symbolize the internal state of those who are not aware of their spirituality. They are the dark period in which the person does not think about what transcends them and only seeks the material without caring for other beings. They’re slaves to their senses without spiritual ideals. Desire, arrogance, greed and sensuality characterize their personality. Their Ego dances in a life of lust, anger, illusory attachment, pride and jealousy.

Through personal work, that being can become aware of the awakening of their Christ Self, in which, under the control of ego, enters a new stage of spiritual aspiration, purity and devotion. It is there when the spirit of Christ is born in your heart, the Divine spirit is expressed in the heart of man and the real Christmas begins. From then on, the light begins to shine where there was darkness before. Ignorance gives rise to wisdom. Impurity is replaced by purity. Hate ceases and love blooms.

On these dates give yourself permission to be happy. Happiness is not conditioned. You just live. Connect with your divine essence and allow Christ to be born in your heart. After that, a wonderful shipment of gifts will appear: containment and simplicity, unwavering serenity and peace, mental balance, courage and perfect dedication to the worship of God through the service of man.

In its most intimate core, man is essentially Divine. But in this field of human personality, two forces are still acting. They are the forces of good and evil, of light and darkness. The Divine and the non-divine, from love and fear operate in human consciousness.

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