Module 1: What is KABBALAH COACH TM Online / What is Kabbalah?
Kabbalah: Science or religion? / Introducing ego / The first kabbalist / Principles of Kabbalah / Kabbalah and spiritual growth / Attaining the upper worlds / Contemporary approach to Kabbalah / Kabbalah in popular culture / The sixth sense and perception of reality.
Module 2: Kabbalah and you
What happens in your mind when you study Kabbalah / Judaism, Christianity, and Kabbalah / Aboulafia, Kabbalah, and meditation.
Module 3:  What your tombstone might say (The quest for purpose)
Tikkun (self-correction) / Work on you to work on others.
Module 4: Tell ‘em that is Human Nature
The hedgehog dilemma / Overcoming ego / The last generation / New normal (The post-fact post-truth world).
Module 5: The power of the Hebrew letters
Understanding the elements of creation. 
Module 6: Is coaching still a thing?
Belief system / The emotional keypad / Reflection of the self / Maieutic and coaching / Do unto others… (building empathy). / The general 6 step coaching process.      
Module 7:  Coaching through Kabbalah
Connection and selflessness / The use of the Hebrew letters in a coaching session / Emotional dominion / Dishonesty to self (fear of truth).
Module 8: The effect of the environment
Tikun and coaching / Mastering yourself (freedom vs. biological determinism) / Improvement through other people.
Module 9: The KABBALAH COACHTM Online steps
Compassion as the ultimate coaching tool / Altruism as a path to the equivalence of form / The art of active-listening / Non-judgmental approach / Avoiding manipulation / Introduction to Aboulafian meditation techniques.
Module 10: Aboulafian meditation techniques (In detail)
Elements of the Prophetic Kabbalah in the coaching process.
Module 11: Safety considerations as a Kabbalah Coach
Scope of the practice / Legal responsibilities / Protect yourself and your coachee / Professional insurance practice / Do’s and don’ts while exercising as a Kabbalah coach.
Module 12: Out in the field
Final evaluation (project that shows the student’s application of the KABBALAH COACHTM techniques in a real-life scenario).




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