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           It is the REIKI of the ETERNAL LOTUS

You can have an unforgettable weekend, meet wonderful people, or manage your stress and stay healthy with Krystal / Sonic Reiki.

A unique combination of energy healing, spiritual evolution, sacred geometry, magic crystals, and sound. Through two fun sessions, you will learn to channel divine universal energy through specially selected crystals, chanting sacred mantras, playing quartz bowls, and sacred geometry among other techniques that will help you become a more relaxed, vibrant, and loving person.

Do not miss this opportunity to join Lidia Nester and Master Elisha at this event that changes lives.

This is a course certified by the International Institute of Holistic Development.

It is a 2-day class (12 hours) in which you will be certified as a "KRYSTAL / SONIC REIKI PRACTITIONER". Following your first month of practice, you will receive an invitation to the Master in KRYSTAL / SONIC REIKI event, during which you will be awarded a certificate and initiation that will allow you to teach and certify others in KRYSTAL / SONIC REIKI.


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a multidimentional experience

KRYSTAL / SONIC REIKI came to us as a divine revelation, at the right time.

Just as the earth and humanity changed, this healing system is offered to help humanity through these changes.
Lidia Nester


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