Elisha (from the Hebrew אֱלִישָׁע meaning "my God is Salvation") was the name of the biblical prophet who took up the mantle of his master, Elijah, after seeing him be lifted up by God in a fire chariot, and continued to promote the return to the true faith in Israel by performing some of the most incredible miracles ever recorded. History remembers him as "The Prophet of Peace and Healing".


This beautiful and powerful name was the spiritual title bestowed upon me by my rabbi, ten years ago, with the words: "You will have a double portion from God just like Elisha and such, will be your name".


Ever since, I have dedicated my life to help others to discover their purpose and reach their maximum potential, at personal and community level, through the construction of leadership, mentoring, social activism and the defense of human rights in Latin America, as a path to individual and collective success.

Understanding the importance of connecting with spirituality in order to really influence society, I started my humble path into the ancient Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, of which I consider myself an eternal student. Eventually, I became a certified Life Coach by THE ACADEMY OF MODERN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, as well as a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master at the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT (IIHD) whose vision becoming a channel through which the light of God heals millions, I share and promote from a place of love and compassion.
The Hebrew roots of my faith are ever-present in my seminars and lectures, being the latest the IIHD-certified HEBREW PENDULUM FOR PRACTITIONERS: A KABBALISTIC HEALING TOOL.
I have also developed the successful program INSIDE A MAN'S HEAD: A SEMINAR FOR WOMEN and the very much needed THE GAME  OF LIFE: TRAINING YOUR KID FOR THE REAL WORLD.



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