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HOLISTIC THERAPIES: The origin of diseases, holistic therapies and allopathic medicine. Why do people use holistic therapies? Brief history of Holistic Therapies. Medicinal pluralism.

• Purification, spiritual protection. Preparation of the workspace.

• Aura cleaning (candle, feather, egg technique).

• Breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Guided visualizations. Vocalization. Concentration.

• What we don't see: I work with the morphic field.

• 1st chakra healing. Initiation. CONNECTION WITH YOUR LIFE MISSION.


VIBRATIONAL THERAPY: Different techniques for energy management will be studied that allow positive action on the energy systems of the BE, allowing them to regain their balance by reestablishing order in the higher planes of their functionality.

• Crystal therapy

• Healing canes

• Aromatherapy

• Chromotherapy

• Music therapy

• 2nd chakra healing. Initiation. CONNECTION WITH YOUR CREATIVITY.

HOLISTIC COACHING: This technique allows a deep exploration of the spiritual being, which includes among other elements, the internal interferences that have created blockages and emotional obstacles in the coachee. Through a process of orientation and support, the coachee receives help to understand life from a different perspective, while being encouraged to explore synchronicity and work on his personal transformation at different levels. Holistic Coaching offers a self-centered experience that encourages positive changes in different areas: mind, body and spirit.

• 3rd chakra healing. Initiation. BEYOND YOUR INTELLECT.


Guidelines on therapeutic praxis: structure, processes:

• Study of cases. Integration of therapies.

• Personal development: energy self-care

• Professional development

• Health and security

• Registry maintenance

•  Code of conduct


THE REIKI NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM. It is a healing technology, which consists of various techniques spread by Dr. Mikao Usui.

• Initiation to Reiki

• 4th chakra healing. Initiation. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

RADIESTHESIA AND RADIONICS: During this workshop you will learn to carry out different spiritual works such as: removal of curses, energizing food or water, cleaning spaces, use of the biometer, distance or face-to-face healing, strengthening of couple relationships, balancing of chakras, energization of vital organs and systems, among others. Content:

• Preparation of the pendulum. Cleaning. Programming.

• Radionic elements.

• Healing with the pendulum (the human body).

• Healing with the pendulum (the physical spaces).

• Therapeutic work on the patient.

• Dowsing.

• Dowsing (divination, the pendulum as an oracle) applications.

• 5th chakra healing. Initiation. 5th chakra healing. Initiation. SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION


AKASHIC RECORDS AND PAST LIVES: The Akashic Records are an energy space where all the information about humanity, your life, and everything that is is contained. This module consists of two levels. In the FIRST LEVEL, work is done on the opening of the channel, to align the participant with his Higher Self, his Inner Master, and to be able to access his own Akashic Records with the help of your Guides, Teachers, Loved Ones and beings of Light in order to heal and improve your life.


In the SECOND LEVEL the channel will be opened to access the Registers of other people, relationships, situations, houses, companies and national monuments. During this session, we will work hard to help the consultants heal and bring about essential changes in their lives.


The work in the Akashic Records will heal past relationships, pacts, loops (repetitive issues) vows and pacts between lives, and much more.


In each Level the participants will receive the corresponding initiations and attunements that will allow them to tune into the purest vibration and energy of the Beings of Light.


6th chakra healing. Initiation. ACTIVATION OF THE PINEAL GLAND.


 7th chakra healing. Initiation. Initiation: HOLISTIC HEALER WITH THE 5 ELEMENTS


We hope that you will be encouraged and participate in this unique experience of personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Light and Peace for you;

Lidia Nester








1- 1 Time payment: Price: $ 1600.00

If you pay the full amount, it is $ 1520. (5% discount).


2- Fractionated payment

Payment method $ 800 registration If you pay before June 15 you  have $ 760 left (5%) Rest of payment: 3 monthly payments of $ 267 each.

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