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Learn how to heal the human dimensions (Etheric, mental, emotional and physical) of yours and others and become a Cosmic Healer.

DATE: To be announced


9:00 TO 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Central Florida


The Cosmic Light is the force within the elements. It is the power moving beyond atoms and what unites them to form matter on the physical and spiritual planes, of all life forms and inanimate objects. The Light is everywhere, the Light is everything.

In this workshop you will learn how to use light to heal the being, by manipulating the elements that keep it tied to the reality it faces. You will learn to work with the elementals and with the historical, soul, astral, fundamental and cosmic forces. You will discover your own inner power and how to manifest your desires in any of the planes.

Healing with the cosmic light is an effective and immensely powerful technique that includes specific protocols that respond to the current needs of humanity. Open yourself to receive this knowledge and spread your light to the world, helping to create a healthier humanity and a better universe.

In this workshop you will learn the following protocols:

• Karmic healing

• Cleaning of the energy matrix

• Work with the seven seals

• Work with the light of supra-elementals and elementals, Masters, Star Brothers and Light Beings

• Work with planetary and stellar light

• Transdimensional healing

• Multidimensional healing

• Activation of Orbix







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